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Wallpapers by Category Albums Files
Anime / Manga WallpapersAnime and manga wallpapers
36 77
JActor WallpapersWallpapers for Japanese actors in general. The pictures used in these wallpapers do NOT belong to 1 particular movie or drama
15 41
JDrama / JMovie WallpapersJapanese Drama and Japanese Movie wallpapers
26 8
JMusic / JRock / JPop WallpapersWallpapers pertaining to JRock, JPop, and other Japanese bands/artists
24 154
JScenery WallpapersWallpapers pertaining to sceneries, locations, and tourist spots in Japan
1 3
JVideo Game WallpapersJapanese video games
8 0
JMiscellaneous WallpapersAny wallpaper reminiscent of Japan
1 0
Ecchi WallpapersFor ages 17 and above only
1 0
758 files in 112 albums and 8 categories with 9 comments viewed 819743 times

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